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How to win bets: 10 Tips to Maximize Profits

How to win bets 10 Tips to Maximize Profits

We have prepared 10 how to win bets tips for all Nigerian punters who have problems with successful wagering. Predicting sporting events is not exclusively about luck, as is the case with casino games. Casino games are managed by RNG software, while other things affect people. In sports, there are many factors that can determine the outcome of a match.

The good thing is that these factors can be predicted and used to increase your chances of making a profit. In this text, we will introduce you to these factors. In addition to the factors, you will learn other tips that can significantly help you solve the question of how to win bets. Read what our experts have prepared for you and use the acquired knowledge next time at your favorite betting platform.

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Don’t focus on one bookmaker

Dont focus on one bookmakerIf you want to know how to win bets, you need to consider the following. You don’t need to focus on just one sports bookmaker.

First of all, not all operators provide the same promotions. So with some, you will have a welcome bonus offer with a deposit, while with some you will have promotions without a deposit. Also, no wagering requirements are the same with all operators. Some will offer fewer conditions to be able to withdraw funds from your account and others will make you work hard for it.

To resolve the issue of how to win a bet, you need to focus on VIP programs as well. VIP programs are prizes given to loyal players according to how active they are on the site. The more you are active, the more prizes you will get. These programs are less characteristic of sports bookmakers than casinos. So if you notice an operator offering a VIP program, it will be a sign that you need to choose that platform.

Also, not all platforms offer the same odds for all sports matches. Although the differences in odds are not too big, in the long term and slightly higher odds will bring you much more profit. Some operators offer higher odds for certain types of sports, which may be more or less popular. Also, some operators will focus on one wagering market and offer higher odds there.

Whether higher odds will be offered for the type of sport or a specific betting market, you should take advantage of this opportunity. So, you should research everything that is provided to you by various operators and choose the bookmaker that will be most favorable for you. After you have made sure that the bookmaker suits you with all the parameters, you can register. After registration, you can make a deposit and get bonuses. For that, we also prepared some how to win bets tips. So, keep reading.

Take advantage of the sports bonuses that are offered to you

sports bonuses

Take advantage of the sports bonuses that are offered to youIf you are wondering how to win bets – find out more about sports bonuses. Bookmakers will offer you various sports bonuses that you can use regardless of whether you are an old or a new player.

If you have just registered for the site, as a new player, the operator will offer a welcome bonus. The welcome package usually comes with bonus funds that you can use for sports tickets. They are related to wagering requirements that you must fulfil. These wagering requirements mean you have to set up a few sports wagers before you are allowed to withdraw.

In addition to the welcome bonus, bookmakers reward regular players with other promotions. If you like multi-wagers and not single tickets, parlay insurance will be the right thing for you. Parlay promotion will protect your combined wagers in case of an incorrect prediction of one sporting event. So, if your multi-wagers win five outcomes and one does not, you get back part of the stakes.

Besides this, you will also be offered free wagers bonus, which you can use in sports predictions. Free bets are a great way to try to win funds without any risk to your bankroll. They can be part of the welcome bonus or exist as a separate promotion on the betting site. Whichever way they come – they will benefit you.

Risk-free wagers are another great option to save your bankroll. This promotion most often refers to your first wagers that you place at the desired bookmaker. If your first prediction is wrong, the money will be returned to you.

Another bonus that will get your money back is the cashback promotion. The cashback bonus means that a part of the invested funds will be returned to you. Usually, you will receive it at the end of the month. As a condition for activating this promotion, there will be a certain number of bets that you must make within the set deadline.

Finally, we will mention odds boosters that can increase your potential winnings. These boosters increase odds on certain sports matches or wagering markets. Also, they can come as a separate promotion or as a part of the welcome bonus.

Now that you are familiar with all the bonuses and how to win bets with them, we will present them to you in the shortlist below:

  • Welcome package
  • Free wagers
  • Risk-free wagers
  • Parlay insurance
  • Cashback promotion
  • Odds boosters

Set long-term goals

This is another one of the how to win bets tips, which can help you a lot in increasing your chances of making a profit at betting platforms. Each operator will ask you to deposit after registration.

You will not be able to place wagers on sports matches before making a deposit. You can fill your bankroll in accordance with deposit limits set by the bookmaker. But don’t spend it all right away. This is especially important if you are a new user who has no experience. In the beginning, you need to invest less until you get acquainted with the way the betting market works and so on. In essence, you set goals for yourself. But they need to be sustainable.

Limit your bankroll, i.e. determine how much you can spend per month. If your annual betting bankroll is € 1,200, you should spread € 100 evenly over each month. If you lose the entire amount at the beginning of the month, stop there. So you don’t have to borrow and get into debt. Later, when you get acquainted with all the principles on which bookmakers work, you can gradually increase your stakes.

Also, you should not expect too much profit in the beginning. It is unrealistic to expect excessive profits right away. You should be content with small profits in the long run. It may happen that due to inexperience you are unlucky in the first wagers. But, this should not discourage you. With experience and better knowledge of all how to win bets strategies, your victory will come. Remember, betting is not a sprint but a marathon. So, no rush.

Get to know all the betting markets

Get to know all the betting markets

If your goal is to learn how to win bets, you need to be familiar with most betting markets. Some bookmakers provide hundreds of different markets for sports matches. So we don’t expect you to be familiar with each of them at first.

But, you should gradually expand your knowledge and learn the principles of lesser-known markets. Wondering what lesser-known markets can give you? These markets often come with bigger odds. Explore these markets and in time you will learn how to win bets.

Sometimes popular markets like 1×2, handicap, etc. will give much lower odds than other markets that are not so well known. In that case, you may miss the opportunity to make money out of ignorance. The standard 1×2 market in football and other team sports will give you three choices. They are victory, defeat, or draw. Also, there are those more profitable and a little more complicated markets. Some of the side markets in predicting football matches are a double chance, both teams to score, spread betting, and more.

Let us introduce you to lesser-known markets that can help you determine how to win bets answer:

  • Spread – this is a market that involves predicting the winner but also includes points within the wager
  • Double chance – this market includes two outcomes in one prediction (home win/draw, away team wins/draw)
  • Both teams score – you decide that both teams will score at least one goal in a sports event

In addition to choosing less popular betting markets, you should try your hand at less popular sports too. Bookmakers are increasingly expanding their range of available sports. To promote some new offers, operators set up higher odds for a given sport. So, don’t be surprised if you notice higher odds in MMA, than in football.

Choose multi (combined) ticket

If you want to solve the question of how to win bets, follow what we have written next. In addition to laying single wagers, many bookmakers provide the possibility of combined prediction.

Combined bets involve several separate wagers linked on a single ticket. Multi-ticket means you can bet on several favorite sports at once, and in several different markets. So, in one ticket you can predict the outcome for both football and horse racing. Also, a combined ticket can include several markets such as 1×2, odd/even, handicap, and others.

As you can see, the flexibility of multi-tickets is significant. One combined ticket usually includes three or more choices. However, there are also those operators that allow you to make a ticket with only two choices.

Flexibility is not the only advantage of multi tickets that will help you decide how to win a bet. The main feature of combined tickets is that there is a significant increase in your odds. Since a multi-ticket includes more peaks (choices), with each peak more, there is an increase in your odds. With this in mind, combined tickets give significantly higher odds compared to a single ticket. The higher the odds, the higher the potential profits you can make.

But there is one drawback that players mostly avoid predicting multiple outcomes. This disadvantage is a risk that the combined tickets bring with them. In case one of your predictions is wrong, the whole combined ticket loses. But, you can secure your multi bet, with the bonus we talked about above. With secured multi-wagers, you don’t lose anything. The bottom line is that if you want to figure out how to win bets, you should also consider combination tickets.

Wager on underdogs

Another how to win bets tip is that you must be aware that outsiders sometimes win matches too. Outsiders are players/teams that are unlikely to win a sporting event.

Unlike them, the favorites are considered players/teams that are very likely to win the match. For these reasons, bookmakers give much higher odds for underdogs than for favorites.

Odds for outsiders range from 4.0 to 7.0, and for some operators, the odds may go even higher. So, predicting that the favorite team will not win can bring you higher potential profits. If you were to compare odds for outsiders and favorites, you could see that the four winning tickets for favorites match one correct prediction for an outsider. Let’s see how this works in the table below.

Favorite Underdogs Odds for Favorites Odds for underdogs
Manchester City Wolves 4,0 9,0
Juventus Everton 2,5 7,0
Real Madrid Norwich 2,5 6,0
Liverpool Inter 3,0 8,0

We will assume that you have placed a bet of € 10. With the odds presented in the table, your profits would be calculated as follows.

  • Odds 2,5 – (2,5×10) -10 = 15 € profit
  • Odds 3.0 – (3.0×10) -10 = 20 € profit
  • Odds 4.0 – (4.0×10) -10 = 30 € profit

So, for a profit of 80 € on favorite, you would need 2×2.5 + 3.0 + 4.0. If you got one prediction on underdogs with 9.0 odds, your profit would be 80 €. As you can see, higher profits wait for you in predicting a win on the underdogs. However, it is more likely that the favorites will win and that is a real fact. But certain factors can influence outsiders to dominate a given match and reverse the expected outcome. To know how to win bets, you should also read what factors affect the match. We will present a list of factors to you below.

Keep records of previous investments

Keep records of previous investments

Another tip on how to win bets is to keep records of all your investments. Keeping a betting record can give you a clearer picture of all the outcomes of your investments. The record will first of all show you what you need to focus on to win more regularly. What specifically can help you solve the question of how to win a bet? Here are some things to look for:

  • The bookmaker and each stake
  • The amount you invest
  • Which wagers you win and which you don’t
  • Total profit or loss from each investment

In addition to this, you can enter other parameters that you think can help analyze your investments. Using the analysis method, you get a picture of whether your current strategy works for you or if you need to change it. What is good is that certain operators keep a record of your investments that you can access. So, it is necessary to open that record and just copy it into a note on your mobile or computer.

How to win bets – factors that affect matches

To know how to win bets, you must also be familiar with the factors that affect matches. In the list below you will see a summary of the factors which will be explained in detail later:

  • Player lineup and form
  • The schedule of matches of a particular team or player
  • Weather conditions predicted on the day of the match
  • Whether the match will be held away or at home
  • Player discipline
  • Coach ambitions

We will now elaborate on each of the individual factors and explain in more detail to you how to win bets using the above.

1. Team composition

First of all, you need to know the composition of the team in a given sporting event. That means you have to be instructed if any of the key players are missing. It may happen that due to an injury or the coach’s decision, the key striker will not play the match. Consequently, we should expect fewer goals than usual from a given team. A key defensive player may be absent as well. In that case, you should expect the other team to score more goals because the defense will be weaker. Also, you should research the form of the players and determine the predictions accordingly.

2. Match schedule

Few players take the team schedule into consideration when predicting. But this is a factor that can help you determine how to win bets. When a team has a lot of away games and a busy schedule, it can cause players fatigue that can affect the performance of the entire team. Also, a team can lose confidence and morale if they have had to face multiple tough opponents in a row where it has lost multiple times. So, we recommend that you pay attention to the team schedule the next time you determine which team you will wager on.

3. Weather forecast

Checking the weather forecast may seem strange, but it is another significant tip for how to win bets. If the sporting event takes place on a stormy day, the rain will greatly affect the ability of both teams. Teams that rely on short passes may suffer the consequences of bad weather. Those teams that rely on long passes can use the rain to their advantage.

4. Match at home and away

The fact is that most teams achieve better results when playing at home than away. Bookmakers also know about this factor, so they set odds accordingly. When a team plays at the home ground that is familiar to them, they feel more confident. Therefore, the away team is always less likely to win than the home team. However, not all teams fit into this rule. Some teams may perform better on the away ground than at home. That’s why you shouldn’t just rely on this factor when looking for an answer on how to win bets.

5. The discipline of individual team members

This is another how to win bets factor that can affect the outcome of a sporting event. You need to consider how each player on the team behaves. Find out from previous experiences whether certain players are prone to aggressive behavior, getting yellow cards, and others. If you determine that any of the players could potentially receive a red card, this may significantly affect the outcome of the match. When certain players have bad discipline, it will affect the general atmosphere in the team.

6. Ambitions and efforts of coaches

Coaches are the ones who motivate and determine the game of all teams in sporting events. To know how to win bets, you must also be familiar with the coach’s strategy. Some coaches will focus their teams more on defense and goal protection. Also, there are those coaches who will push the players to achieve the best possible result. This knowledge can be significant if you choose the market to predict the points of the game.

Use betting exchanges

This is another option that can solve your how to win bets problem. Traditional online bookmakers can be a great place to make a profit. But, you may want to consider using exchanges as well.

Today there are plenty of exchanges to choose from. They have the following advantages:

  • Odds at the market price
  • They accept all players
  • Low commission rate

Exchanges provide odds at market value. So, they do not imply a profit margin in their odds, unlike online bookmakers. They earn their profit by charging a commission on the net profit of the user. The other thing is that exchanges will accept you no matter how much you win. Some online bookmakers may keep an eye on you if you too often have accurate predictions. This is not the case with exchanges. Because of the way their business model works, exchanges will make money no matter what. Also, exchanges charge an average commission of 2% -5% on all betting markets. If your goal is to maximize your profits, lower commissions will come in handy.

Do not go with the heart and remain impartial

Do not go with the heart and remain impartialFinally, we will advise you to remain impartial. Some old proverb of bookmakers was “Don’t play with your heart”.

So players have always limited their emotions when it comes to sports predictions. There is logic in this how to win bets tip, and you will see why. Surely you have a certain football team that you support. Suppose your team plays you in the final of a competition against a team that is also well positioned. You will want that your team to beat the other no matter what. Because of that, you will not see the essential facts related to that event.

Let’s make this clear to you. If you turn on your emotions, you will be biased and you can ignore some very significant facts related to match statistics. So you may not notice that your team has a lower chance of winning than you expect and wish. Experienced players know about this rule. But if you are an inexperienced player, emotions can take control of you. Your goal will be to limit them as much as possible. Also, you should pay more attention to match analysis and statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best how to win bets tips?

The best how to win bets tips will be presented in the list below:

  • Don’t focus on one bookmaker
  • Take advantage of the sports bonuses that are offered to you
  • Set long-term goals
  • Get to know all the betting markets
  • Choose multi (combined) ticket
  • Wager on underdogs
  • Keep records of previous investments
  • Explore all the factors that affect matches
  • Use betting exchanges
  • Do not go with the heart and remain impartial

We will note that the above how to win bets factors do not need to be considered separately. It is necessary to adopt them all together if your goal is to maximize your profits.

Is there a unique how to win bets tip?

No. As we said, to be able to maximize profits, you need to adopt most of the how to win bets tips we have presented to you. If you adopt one tip, you can improve your success, but in order to achieve the maximum effect and completely improve the wagering, you need to consider all the tips together.

Can these how to win bets tips help me get every prediction?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Sometimes you will have successful predictions sometimes not. You may have ten successful wagers in a row and then come a series of unsuccessful predictions. It is because of the factors that affect matches that you can’t always predict correctly. To be well acquainted with all the factors that can affect the outcome of a sporting event, do not rush to place wagers. Sometimes key information about a match can come at the last minute. Yet our how to win bets tips can help increase your chances of winning. If you read them all in detail and adopt them, you will know what to do in the next wagering.

How sports bonuses can help me win a wager?

Sports bonuses are rewards with whom operators regularly encourage their users. Because bonuses include free funds or wagers, they significantly increase your chances of winning. With activated bonuses, you will have more funds or the best odds. To know how to win bets with promotions, find the bonus section in our text.