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Complete Guide to F1 Betting in Nigeria

Complete Guide to F1 Betting in Nigeria

Despite being a glamorous sport, Formula 1 is often neglected by many punters. That is strange because F1 betting can be one of the most exciting types of sports betting. Especially for motorheads.

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Which F1 Races Are Good to Bet On?

F1 racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch and bet on, especially for those who consider themselves motorheads. But you need to know about the biggest events before you can start your F1 betting journey.

The following list contains the most notable events from the global Formula 1 calendar. Some of the most prestigious and historically significant ones will be further explained in the next section. So, stay tuned with us.

  • The Australian Grand Prix
  • The British Grand Prix
  • The Canadian Grand Prix
  • The French Grand Prix
  • The Monaco Grand Prix
  • The United States Grand Prix

Which Races Are the Most Important in F1 Betting?

F1 Betting

Which Races Are the Most Important in F1 BettingIn every sport, there are a number of big-ticket events that every fan and punter looks forward to.  Some marquee events exist in every sport and that is true for F1 as well.

For instance, football has events like the FIFA World Cup or the AFCON that everyone is excited about.

Let us then introduce you to a few such events from the world of F1 racing.

British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix, along with the Italian one, is the oldest continuously held Grand Prix event. It is also one of the most awaited events in the F1 calendar, especially because it is also one of the rounds in the Formula One World Championship.

Since it attracts the eyeballs of every fan, analyst, and punter, the British Grand Prix is one of the best events for F1 betting.

Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is one of the two oldest continuously held Grand Prix events. It is also a round in the big Formula One World Championship. Moreover, you must know about the history of racing and automobile manufacturing in Italy. It is one of the best places for motorheads. So, an event held in Italy since 1921 will naturally be one of the most prestigious. And consequently, it is one of the best events for Formula 1 betting.

Monaco Grand Prix

Though not as old as the British or the Italian Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix is hands-down the most prestigious event in the Formula 1 calendar as it stands today. Monaco, as you might know, is a little self-governing area in France that is widely seen as the stomping ground of the rich and famous. If you have watched Iron Man 2, you might remember the scenes where Tony Stark is in Monaco for the Grand Prix. Though there is no Iron Man in real life, everything else from those scenes is quite accurate. In short, the Monaco Grand Prix is undoubtedly the best event for Formula 1 betting in this day and age.

Africa – The Next Big Destination

So far, we have mostly covered European events and it is true that most F1 events are based in Europe. But you might ask, what about Africa? If that question has come up in your mind, there is both good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that there are no African events for F1 betting at the moment. There used to be a Grand Prix in South Africa but that has been discontinued years ago. That said, the good news is that there is a renewed push to bring Formula 1 racing to the African continent. Both high-level Formula 1 executives and legendary stars like Lewis Hamilton are pushing to include Africa in the F1 calendar. So, it is extremely likely that you will be able to do F1 betting on African races pretty soon.

The Odds in F1 Betting

The Odds in F1 Betting

Odds are one of the most important aspects of Formula 1 betting. In fact, it is important for all sorts of betting because it tells you two things. One, the risk that you are taking. Two, the expected returns from your bet.

You cannot make a decision about your bets without understanding the odds. But the great news for you is that Nigerian bookmakers offer odds from as low as 1.00 to odds that can exceed 3,000.

That means you can make relatively safe bets as well as highly risky (and potentially highly profitable) bets as well. So, no matter what sort of betting strategy you want to go for, you will be able to follow it at most renowned sportsbooks.

What Are the Markets Available for Punters Betting on F1 Races?

Now that you know the events and the odds that you can expect, it is time to learn about another important aspect. And that is the available betting markets. It is crucial to know and understand the betting markets that you can access for Formula 1 betting.

Below you will find simple explanations for the most common betting markets. They are, in other words, the bets that you can place on Formula 1 races.

Winning Margin

This one is quite self-explanatory. It refers to the margin by which the winning driver will achieve victory.

You will generally encounter a range from which you can choose your bet. For instance, you may find options such as ‘under 10 seconds’ or ‘between 10 and 25 seconds’ during winning margin F1 betting.

Winning Constructor

Constructor is a term unique to Formula 1, so a little explanation is necessary. The simplest way to think about F1 constructors is to think of them as analogous to teams in other sports. They are basically teams that design or provide the vehicles to drivers.

Drivers become synonymous with the constructors or the designers they work with. A win for a driver becomes a win for the constructor as well. Thus, you can bet on who you think is likely to be the victorious constructor.

Winning Constructor


Now we have come to the sort of F1 betting that is the most popular amongst punters. And not just in Formula 1 but this is the most popular sort of betting in other sports as well.

Yes, we are talking about betting on the winner. That is what most punters are interested in when betting on most sports.

In other words, backing their favourite teams or players. Since F1 is a sport centred on star drivers, the winner bets on favourite drivers are the most common type of F1 betting.

Short-Term Betting in Formula 1 Racing

When it comes to Formula 1 betting, you can make short-term bets as well as long-term bets. Let us discuss short-term F1 betting first.

The short-term bets would mostly centre on individual races/events. For instance, if you wanted to make one or more bets on the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix, it would be short-term betting. You can place one or all from the winner, winning constructor, and winning margin bets. All of them would be considered short-term bets. That is because such bets are settled immediately after the end of the race. So, say, you bet on Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen in the upcoming Grand Prix. You will get your money immediately after your chosen driver wins. Or, you will lose your money immediately after your chosen driver loses.

With short-term bets, you get the outcome very quickly and that is why punters love this sort of betting so much. There is much less anxiety, worry, or anticipation. On the other hand, the drawback is that the fate of your bets centre on the outcome of a single race. Anything untoward, unfortunate, or bad happens, and you lose your entire stake.

Long-Term Betting in Formula 1 Racing

In contrast to short-term betting, long-term F1 betting may be more strategic and more rewarding in the long run. But you need to wait longer and take a bigger picture view of the whole thing.

In terms of long-term bets, you can bet on two things primarily. The first is the Formula 1 World Champion driver and the Formula 1 World Champion constructor. Both operate on a points system throughout the annual season. Whichever driver or constructor has the highest points at the end of the season gets the awards. Thus, your bets do not hinge on the outcome of any single event.

Your chosen driver or constructor can lose a few races along the way. Your bet wins as long as they come on top at the end of the season. So, you can think about long-term F1 betting as less risky. However, as touched upon earlier, you need to wait much longer to have your bets settled. Your money is stuck for a longer period of time, maybe an entire year or close to it. That may not be ideal given your financial circumstances.

Moreover, you need to be able to predict the overall trajectory of the season and not just the outcome of a single game. That requires more knowledge and research.

Live betting/In-Play Betting in Formula 1

Live bettingIn Play Betting in Formula 1

F1 betting in Nigeria is not just restricted to pre-match betting. You will be able to engage in live betting as well. That means you will be able to place bets during the races as well.

Live betting can often be more exciting and thrilling than pre-match betting. It heightens your emotions and enjoyment because you have skin in the game. Most Nigerian sportsbooks that have Formula 1 on their list of sports are likely to allow live betting as well. You can expect almost all the short-term betting markets to be open during live betting.

At most sportsbooks, the odds will change in real-time and you can base your decisions on that. Some sites may even let you enjoy the races live, though this is rare.

FAQ for F1 betting

Is F1 a Good Sport to Bet On?

Yes, F1 is absolutely a great sport to bet on, especially if you are a motorhead. It is also one of the most glamorous sports in the world.

Is There Any Opportunity to Make a Good Profit Within F1?

Yes, you can profit from F1 betting but that is based on your experience, knowledge, and, most importantly, luck. Just like betting in any other sport.

How Do I Best Get Started by Betting in F1?

Your first step towards F1 betting should be to learn about the sport. Then you should sign-up at a reputed sportsbook that accepts bets on F1 races.

Is F1 a Safe and Fair Market to Bet On?

Yes, F1 betting is completely fair and secure as long as you use a legal and legitimate online sportsbook.

The Stars in Formula 1 Racing

The Stars in Formula 1 Racing Lewis Hamilton

As one of the most common bets in F1 betting is the winner bet, it is vital that you know who the biggest stars are.

You will find information about the big names in this section. Some of them you may have already heard about. You will get to know more details about them. Other you may be discovering new.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton is arguably the most famous F1 driver active today. He is not only known among die-hard motorheads but has become a general celebrity as well. But that has not led to a decline in his sporting performance.

He is still among the most consistently high-ranking F1 drivers. Some of his past distinctions have included the highest number of Formula 1 World Championship titles. He has been the World Champion 7 times in total.

Going forward, he is definitely going to be one of the best bets in your F1 betting, so watch him closely.

Mick Schumacher

Schumacher is a relatively new driver and is not ranked very highly as of yet. But he deserves special mention for two reasons.

The first being, he is a promising young driver who seems to have a bright future ahead of him. As you continue on your Formula 1 betting journey, his will be a career that you better follow closely.

Moreover, he is the son of the absolute legend Michael Schumacher, so he has the best training and mentorship any driver can possibly hope for. That will definitely endear him to fans and punters as his career grows.

Max Verstappen

Since becoming the youngest driver in Formula 1 history, Belgian driver Verstappen has been cooking up a storm in the sport.

He has won numerous accolades including the Formula 1 World Championship within a few years of his debut. He competed with seasoned legends of the sport and beat them. Despite such heights at such a young age, Verstappen career is yet to reach its peak. So, he is extremely likely to be one of the best drivers to put your money on.

Moreover, he comes from a family of drivers. Both his parents, Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen, were renowned drivers of their time. That gives him a solid grounding and constant support on which he can build further.

Charles Leclerc

Leclerc is one of the rising stars of the sport. He was born in what is arguably the Mecca of Formula 1 racing. That is Monaco.

His brother is also an F1 driver, so you can sense how deep the passion for the game runs in the family. But the family connection is not all that is going for him. He is widely and seriously being touted as one of the future Formula 1 World Champions. His rivalry against Max Verstappen has become the talk of the town.

Therefore, you can clearly surmise that F1 betting on Charles Leclerc is going to be some of the most interesting betting you will be doing in the coming years.

The Best F1 Constructors

Formula 1 racing does not really have clubs. It has teams that are actually called constructors in the game. Because more often than not the teams are the ones who build the vehicles using which drivers compete. Hence, the term constructors instead of teams.

Many of the common constructors are carmakers, but that is not strictly a rule. Instead, the synergy between the sport and the automobile industry makes it easier for car companies to enter the fray.

However, other corporate entities, backed by automakers, can also enter. Let’s use the following list containing the top F1 constructors to demonstrate the scenario.


Ferrari EmblemScuderia Ferrari, as the renowned automaker Ferrari’s F1 team is known, is the oldest and most successful constructor. It has the highest number of World Championships under its belt.

The racing team’s history goes back to the founder of the Ferrari company, Enzo Ferrari. So, it has a long and illustrious history.

But its continued success on the racecourse is even more impressive. It is hard to maintain such high levels of excellence over such a long period of time. But Ferrari has been able to do it.

Drivers on their team such as Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. have had an undeniable impact, of course. But the reputation of the team also helps them attract the best talent.

Therefore, if you want to do serious F1 betting, especially constructor bets, Ferrari is the name that you should think of first.


Williams F1 LogoWilliams Racing has been a successful F1 team/constructor, but they aren’t automobile engine manufacturers themselves. They partner with other engine manufacturers such as Renault and Mercedes for their vehicles.

Despite not being engine manufacturers themselves, the level of success the Williams team has achieved is astounding.

Past F1 World Champions like Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill among several others have represented the Williams team. And it is highly likely that the team will produce many such future champions as well.

So, Williams is a team that you must definitely follow for the purpose of your Formula 1 betting.


McLaren F1

The team that is second only to Ferrari in terms of its historical achievements and reputation is the McLaren team. It is also the second oldest continuously operating F1 team in the world.

Several notable drives have represented them and won World Championships under their belt. This includes none other than the man whose name is on every motorhead’s lips, Lewis Hamilton.

They have a partnership with the next team on our list, Mercedes. This helps them get an edge over other teams in terms of engineering finesse. As a consequence, they are among the top teams for F1 betting.


Mercedes Benz logoMercedes-Benz has been involved in the Formula 1 motor racing sport as both an engine provider as well as a team owner. Their contributions have in a sense been more substantial as engine providers.

That said, they have put together a brilliant team backed by state-of-the-art engineering. You will find names like Lewis Hamilton and George Russell associated with the team.

Hence, it will be one of the best teams that you should keep foremost in your mind during your F1 betting decisions.