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Blackjack Online: Everything You Need To Know About Blackjack

Throughout history, card games have always been some of the popular leisure activities. One of the oldest and most popular card games is blackjack, which also happens to be very popular in Nigeria. If you happen to be a resident of this country or you are just visiting, there are multiple places where you can play blackjack. What’s more important, this card game is widely accessible and, if you prefer, you can also play blackjack online. However, before we get to that part and see where you can play blackjack online, let’s get a bit more familiar with the game and its roots.

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A Brief History of Blackjack

Even though it may sound incredible for a popular game like blackjack, the exact origins of it are unknown. It was first mentioned in Don Quixote, a world-renowned book by Miguel de Cervantes. The popular version that we get to play today is a variation of the banking game Twenty-One that is also related to the games like Vingt-et-Un and Pontoon.

When the game was first introduced to the United States, various places such as gambling houses offered monetary bonuses for hands that consisted of an ace of spades and a blackjack (either the jack of spades or the jack of clubs), with the aim to spark interest and popularise the game. Even though this bonus is no longer in effect, the name left and that’s how a game of blackjack was born.

How to Play Blackjack?

It’s not really that surprising if you have heard of blackjack before, even if you have never played it. After all, blackjack is popular across the world, and it is often featured in various films. However, those movies only give you a vague idea about the game without teaching you the rules. Luckily, there aren’t that many rules to follow, and we’ve covered the basic ones that teach precisely how to play blackjack.

blackjack howto


Unlike most card games out there, the difference with blackjack is that, instead of playing against each other, players get to play against the dealer. When it comes to the objective of the game, well, it is precisely that — beat the dealer. There are several ways to do that, but the main goal of the game is to reach 21 without exceeding the number.

Let us explain in detail:

Blackjack is usually played by 2 to 7 players and includes 52 to 416 cards. Every card in the deck has its own value; the value of cards 2 to 10 is their pip value, while the face cards (king, queen, jack) are worth 10. Ace’s value is either 1 or 11. At the beginning of each round, every player, including the dealer, is dealt two cards. If the sum of the cards in your hand is low, you can ask for a new card if you wish.

As we’ve already mentioned, the goal is to reach 21 without exceeding that number, and there are several ways to determine who wins the hand. If the dealer is closer to 21 than you, the house wins. If you are, you win. If either your hand or the dealer’s exceed 21, that hand is known as ‘busted’ and whoever goes over 21 loses.

An ideal scenario and the best way to win is by drawing natural blackjack, which means getting 21 with the first two cards you get. Dealers are required to ‘hit’ until they reach 17 or higher (‘to hit’ means to ask for another card). If both the player and the dealer have the same hand sum, the situation is known as ‘push’, and the player usually doesn’t win nor lose.

Those are the main rules of playing blackjack. It’s not all that complicated, is it? However, keep in mind that some casinos might slightly change the rules, so make sure to familiarise yourself with the details if you decide to take a seat at one of the tables. In addition, casinos will sometimes offer various side bets that you can place to spice things up even further. They are an excellent addition to the game if you are playing with a group of friends.

How Popular Is Blackjack?

When it comes to casino card games and their popularity, blackjack is tied at the top with Texas Hold’Em poker. Whether you decide to play online or in a brick and mortar casino, you will certainly stumble upon one if not more blackjack tables. One benefit that blackjack has over poker, for example, is in the way in which it is played. As we’ve mentioned, instead of playing against other players, players try to beat the dealer.[/one_half]

Clearly, the goal of playing casino games is to make a profit, but a lot of players enjoy the fun that comes with it — it is easier to get a game of blackjack going when you require fewer people to play.

When it comes to casino card games and their popularity, blackjack is tied at the top with Texas Hold’Em poker. Whether you decide to play online or in a brick and mortar casino, you will certainly stumble upon one if not more blackjack tables. One benefit that blackjack has over poker, for example, is in the way in which it is played. As we’ve mentioned, instead of playing against other players, players try to beat the dealer. Clearly, the goal of playing casino games is to make a profit, but a lot of players enjoy the fun that comes with it — it is easier to get a game of blackjack going when you require fewer people to play.

Concerning blackjack in Nigeria, it might not be as popular as Thuni, but it’s still regarded as one of the most popular card games. If you happen to be in the Nigerian state of Laos, you will get an opportunity to play in some of the best places for playing blackjack in Nigeria, as this state has the biggest and the most prestigious brick and mortar casinos in all of Nigeria. However, if you are far from it, or if you simply prefer a different way of playing, you can always opt for everyone’s favourite, and that is playing blackjack online.

Modernisation and Blackjack Online

As time has passed and technology has advanced, blackjack’s popularity has also increased. One of the main reasons for this is the development of the Internet. The Internet became widespread and accessible to virtually anyone in the world, which in result gave birth to the newest form of gambling — online casinos.

Even though online casinos don’t have that authentic land-based casino atmosphere and feel to it, they are slowly becoming more and more popular. Matter of fact, they are becoming so popular that they might soon become even more popular than their land-based counterpart, if they haven’t already. One of the main reasons for that is convenience and comfort. Instead of having to travel sometimes even hundreds of miles, players can play casino games from the comfort of their own home.

blackjack table2

Not only that, but the vast majority of online casinos are well optimized so that players can join and play from mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. It allows you to play from virtually anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

Online casinos also save you the hassle of needing to have cash on hand. You also won’t have to worry about exchanging it into the currency that a casino accepts if you are abroad. What’s more, you are not only limited to playing blackjack online, as online casinos are famous for their game selection. With a click of a button, you can change between tables, rooms, games and even casinos.

Blackjack online is now more accessible than ever

Luckily for Nigerians, their country has a few online casinos which are run and operated by their fellow countrymen. However, did you know that your country of residence is not that important? Namely, online casinos don’t operate in just one country but have licences that allow them to legally run their casinos in multiple countries across the world. Naturally, in order to obtain a licence, the country in question must regulate and allow online gambling.

There are multiple issuers of said licences. However, keep in mind that some are more reputable than the others. In order for a casino to obtain a licence, it must ensure the safety of its players’ information, such as personal information, data and money transactions. The casino also has to be fair — after all, who would want to play in a casino where you have absolutely no chances of winning?

Future of Blackjack Online

What’s beautiful about technology is that it is always on the move and it is always improving. During that process, it interacts with and affects everything around it. It was those advancements in technology that improved the Internet and the software, two things that are the backbone of every online casino out there. However, technology doesn’t simply stop improving and the online casinos continue to be affected by it. After moving the industry of gambling online, technology continues to shape and slowly guides it towards new ideas and new forms of gambling — virtual reality.

Even though virtual reality has existed for quite some time by now, it is still one of the newest technologies that we get to play and experiment with. Currently, the most significant impact of VR can be seen in video games. However, giants in the industry of online gambling and software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt have already been investing large sums of money into the improvement of virtual reality and its application to online casinos.

At the moment, there are already several different games or apps that allow you to play blackjack online using VR technology. Those games allow you to sit at the table, either alone or accompanied by your friends. You can interact with other people at the table, use hand gestures to ask for more cards or to simply raise your bet. It is the second best thing right after playing blackjack in an actual land-based casino. However, as both the technology and apps improve, it won’t come as a surprise if virtual reality blackjack completely replaces the one played at brick and mortar casinos.

Blackjack Tips and Tricks

tippWhen it comes to blackjack, there are no tips that will suddenly skyrocket your win percentage. Most of it boils down to that gut feeling you can hear everyone talking about and which comes naturally and with experience. However, there are still some things which you can learn and that will help you in the long run.

For example, did you know that you can play blackjack online and practice, without having to spend a penny? There are many blackjack games out there which you can play in your browser. What’s more, you can even play blackjack for free in an online casino, if they provide that option. It is an excellent way to learn the basics and get some experience before you start playing for real.

Back to Basics

Our second tip would be to hit the books. It might sound silly, feeling as if you have to go back to school and study about blackjack, but it is an effective way to boost your win rate as there are many books written by experts at the game. On average, casinos have a 6% house edge over players. Without complicating the explanation too much, it means that a casino is slightly favoured to win compared to a player. However, those books contain strategies which can significantly reduce that number, sometimes so much that it will almost equal zero.

One of the most widespread strategies, known as the basic strategy, isn’t a new one; actually, it originated in 1956. It was introduced to the public by the group of mathematicians known as the Baldwin group. The strategy is based on the mathematically correct set of rules, and it made the house edge so low that the popularity of blackjack was through the roof in the 60s.

Counting Cards

The most efficient and the best technique for beating casinos at blackjack is counting cards. It might be a tad more difficult to apply this strategy if you are playing blackjack online, but if you are skilled enough, you could try it in some of the land-based casinos. However, keep in mind that, while the strategy itself is not illegal, it is frowned upon by many casinos. So much that the casino personnel might ask you to leave their casino. There are many guides and even books out there describing the strategy, which can be a fantastic thing to include in your gameplay if you are patient and disciplined.

Disciplined Bets

Speaking of discipline, learning how to bet, when to bet and when to stop betting and playing, in general, is one of the best pieces of advice you can get. The most common mistake that blackjack players make (or anyone playing in a casino quite frankly) is that they aren’t disciplined enough to stop when they are ahead. They also play while being frustrated from losing and try to win back what they have lost, which can lead to losing even more. Controlling your bets will not only prevent you from losing, but it will positively affect your bankroll.

Naturally, there are a lot more tips and tricks out there, but these few will aid you immensely with your game — learning new strategies will help you improve as a player and obtaining self-control will help you execute those strategies.